Outsource link building
Quality link building is nowadays indispensable for a well-functioning website. A well-designed link building strategy ensures a high organic findability in the search engines.
Why outsource link building?
By using different link building techniques you can upgrade your current link profile considerably. Of course, not everyone has knowledge of the right link building technique. Setting up the best link building strategy or an effective link building campaign requires the necessary knowledge and expertise. Outsourcing link building is therefore also used by more and more companies as part of the marketing strategy.

Want to get started with link building right away?
Want to make a quick start? Then we advise you to engage an SEO agency, link building specialist or an online marketing agency with a large portfolio, many partnerships and an extensive network of external websites that can place a large number of backlinks.

If you outsource your link building, you save time and money and you can be sure that it will yield results. Extensive explanation is given in the article 'What is link building and why is it important for your website'.

B.analyzed: Experience with link building since 2009

B. Analyzed's link building specialists have been in the business for many years and have built up a large network of interesting websites and partnerships. Thanks to our link building network and our proven link building techniques, we can link your website to other websites, so that you can achieve higher positions in the search engines with relevant backlinks. Outsourcing link building is in professional hands with us!

We provide a natural link profile
Of course we take into account the nature of your company and your industry and we provide links on relevant websites. For example, we provide external links on other websites with important keywords and that have good authority. This allows us to build a natural backlink profile for you and your backlinks end up on quality websites.

SEO subscription or link building package?
If you take out an SEO subscription at B. Analyzed, link building is included in the package. But even if you already have a party for your other SEO services, you can outsource link building to us. We offer quality link building packages for the short and long term.

Stay ahead of your online competition and start outsourcing link building today! Of course, as your link building specialist, we ensure that we build a natural link profile and we ensure a good link building strategy.

Which link building package suits me best?

Do you want to outsource your link building? You can have us do link building from 2 hours per month. We like to work with clear, clear agreements. For example, you will receive monthly reports from us of all links and requests placed.

Our link building rates
We are also transparent about our rates for online marketing and link building rates. The rate is €75 per hour, excluding VAT, regardless of which marketing service(s) you use.

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Why is link building important?
Link building (outsourcing) contributes to getting your website to rank higher in Google. Google uses algorithms that determine the order of search results. An important factor in this algorithm are links and backlinks.

if your website is listed here you are getting juicy 75 DA dofollow backlink!

Backlinks A backlink is like a recommendation.

If links have been placed on other websites that point to your website, Google will reason that your website contains valuable content and relevant information and is therefore a good source.

Increase your online findability with backlinks
Google ranks a website that has many backlinks higher than a website without quality backlinks. If you want to rank high in the search engine results with your website, you will have to ensure as many qualitative backlinks as possible.

Outsourcing link building is possible from 2 hours per month
With us you can already start outsourcing link building for two hours a month. Do you have a small business and haven't done any link building yet? Then we recommend starting with the basic package or standard package.

Basic package link building
Have you already started link building yourself and do you have a good reputation, but do you just need an extra push? Then we recommend starting with the link building basic package.

XXL package link building
If you need more qualitative links, then a 'recommended package' or 'xxl package' suits you best. The more extensive the package, the more qualitative backlinks you get.

Other factors

Of course, a link building package depends on various factors, such as budget, objectives and the current link profile of the website. Our link building service can advise you on this so that you always have the right link building package if you want to outsource your link building.

Rates online marketing – No fixed contracts!
B. Analyzed does not work with long-term contracts. We are a flexible online marketing agency, registered in Venlo that thinks along with our customers.

Every month we determine together which marketing service(s) will be given attention and where the focus will be. You do not have to purchase an extra package if you want to use one of our other services.

Tailor-made link building
Because the size, the level of difficulty and the wishes of customers are different for every project, we first exchange ideas with each other. As soon as the wishes and current situation are clear, and we have a good idea of ​​your current link profile and what link building strategy is needed for your company, our link building specialists can set up a link building process. In this way we provide the most effective link building strategy!

Curious what B. Analyzed can do for your company? Thinking of outsourcing link building? Contact us, request a quote or do a free link building scan here to determine how your website is doing. We are happy to help you increase your link building and your findability in Google!



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